We serve our neighborhood youth
Building skills and strengthening people.

The Programs

We further our purposes under this program by delivering workshops for youth and transitioning adults seeking assistance with career development and self improvement. The vision and mission of Footprints for the Future is to provide our community’s youth and young adults with free workshops to help them develop life skills and build character through sport principles.  Our approach is to work directly with the community and through advertised events provide our workshops to the public. 

The workshops will include conducting life skills training, football/sports skills camps, workforce development training sessions, and other beneficial programs and workshops related to self improvement. The workshops will be provided as an outreach service to the community at-large and at no charge to the participants as our organization will raise the necessary funds to provide its services.   The organization’s President, Christopher Warren, will administer the program.  He possess years of experience conducting youth sports camps and workshops and is the designer and developer of the Footprints Workshops. 

The workshops provided through the Footprints for the Future organization will be conducted at local churches, community centers, schools and other youth organizations upon request within the Washington, DC and Seattle, Washington areas. As the organization grows, the service areas will all so grow.  It is anticipated that the Footprints workshops will be offered on a monthly schedule of two (2) workshops per month for 12 months. As the organization’s funding increases, this schedule will expand. 

The program workshops are as follows:

  • After School Footprints – once a week for two (2) hours over a one (1) month period, this is an eight (8) hour workshop.
  • Footprints Summer Camp – five (5) days for four (4) hours per day, this is a twenty (20) hour workshop
  • Weekend Footprints – every Saturday for four (4) weeks as two (2) hour sessions, this is an eight (8) hour workshop


Our program is open to the public and has no fees associated with it, as all costs will be through the fundraising efforts of the organization. 

Today, Footprints for the Future is looking forward to building the reputation for being a leader in the nonprofit sector with its state-of-the-art services for youth. Footprints for the Future is proud to present its programs and bring its participants the opportunity to build a stronger character "one step at a time".

      www.footprintsforthefuture.org           Call -202.596.2806