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Our Mission

Footprints for the Future is dedicated to providing at-risk youth and young adults with an opportunity to

  • build strong character,
  • gain leadership experience and transferrable skills

through sports camps and workshops facilitated by experienced professional NFL athletes and employment & training professionals.

Participants of the program are

  • at-risk youth,
  • struggling students,
  • young adults

interested in making a change and a difference in themselves and their community and are interested in developing their character, health, academics, and community services.

The experiences the students have while participating in this program will assist them in making the transition from school to work and will allow them to develop skills that will be transferrable to any career in the future.

Our Vision

  • Cultivate an identity (brand) for the Footprints for the Future organization nationwide.
  • Provide students with skills development that can open doors to future opportunities.
  • Provide on-going mentorship with student/participants through on-line tools.
  • Acquire additional resources to support future growth and offer greater flexibility, leading to expanded services offered by Footprints for the Future that will further the goal of providing this valuable service for a larger population of at-risk youth and young adults.


      www.footprintsforthefuture.org           Call -202.596.2806